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Every time someone asks you why, or tells you it's all for nothing, or even if it's self-talk that questions you moving forward, remember this moment matters.


I chose the Starfish graphic based on an old tale that involved a lady walking on the beach after a storm. She was tossing starfish back into the ocean. With hundreds more to toss, she was approached by man walking in her direction. He stated what she was doing matter, because the starfish were going to die anyway once the sun was high. 


She continued on and tossed another into the ocean stating, “to that starfish, it mattered”. 

My mission is to provide everyone with a shirt they love to wear, over and over again while honoring God, and supporting my family and friends in the process. Stay safe and enjoy your day!


Width, in17.9920.0022.0124.0225.9827.99
Length, in27.9929.0230.0031.0232.0132.99
Sleeve length, in8.909.179.459.7210.0010.39


This Moment short sleeve tee

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